Manufactured Home Financing

At The Housing Mart, it’s our goal to help you find the home of your dreams. Our friendly, professional staff are experts at helping you plan out your home and get the financing if needed. We can help you find a loan in the Southwest Washington area!

The Right Loan For Your Unique Situation

No matter what your circumstances are when it comes to budget, credit history, or lifestyle, we can help you find a loan that meets your needs and makes financial sense. Take a look below at the variety of manufactured home loans that are available. If you have any questions, just fill out the form at the bottom of the page, or contact us directly.

Home Only Loans

Home Only manufactured home loans, also known as Chattel Loans, are perfect for home buyers that already own land. These loans can be used for new single or multi-section manufactured homes, and are commonly used for homes placed in land-lease communities.

Construction Loans

Construction loans, or construction to perm loans, are short-term, interim loans to pay for the construction of a home. These are considered “reimbursement loans”, which means the construction lender makes payments as various stages of work are carried out.

Land/Home Loans

If you need a loan for a manufactured home as well as land, a land/home loan is perfect for you. Dealing with two separate loans at the same time can lead to multiple closing costs and other headaches that come with overlapping loans. Instead, combine your loans into one easy, manageable monthly payment.