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At The Housing Mart, it all begins with your manufactured or modular home selection. We will schedule a meeting with one of our representatives, yourself, and a contractor at your home site, to determine your personal needs. After the home is ordered, we begin preparing your property for your desired improvements. We are a “turn key” developer, which means we can do anything and everything on your property, from permit to certificate of occupancy. We communicate with you, the customer, to facilitate a seamless process for home delivery. Our customization options include custom wall foundations, skirting products, gutters, tie-downs, heat pumps, decks, patios, and sidewalks, even power, well, and septic design and installation – and much, much more. After delivery, our service professionals will set up your manufactured home, ensuring that all processes are performed and quality is assured at all levels.

Finally, a full walk-through is performed and each home receives a detailed on-site inspection of the exterior and interior. Our reputation speaks for us. For over 25 years, we have received local and national awards for customer satisfaction. We strive to make each customer’s home purchase a fulfilling one.

Meet the Team

Why buy a Housing Mart™ home? Our Award Winning Team at The Housing Mart will make the dream of buying your home a realty. Our experienced team of housing specialists can assist you will all phases of the home buying process.

Gary W. Stoskopf


Jim Deskins

Service and Site Development, Manager

Dee Henderson

Sales Manager

Larry Johnson


Company Values

Manufactured - HUD CODE

Frame remains on home Placed on Runners 2″x6″ or 2″x8″ Floor Joists 16″ OC Spanning the Metal Frame Single 2″x6″ (or 8″) Rim Rail on exterior sidewall endwalls and mating walls Exterior walls have Single 2″x6″ Top Plates and 1″x6″ Bottom Plates Interior walls with 2″x4″ studs 24″ OC with 2″x4″ Top Plate and 1″x4″ Bottom Plate (LS series 2″x3″ Interior walls) Optional Interior walls with 2″x4″ studs 16″ OC with 2″x4″ Top Plate and 1″x4″ Bottom Plate 30# Roof Load (HUD Rafter) Shingle Underlayment with 15# Paper Roof Pitches 2.66:12 on 40 Wide’s, 3:12 & 4:12 on 28 Wide’s, 3.31:12 on 30 Wide’s with eaves of 8″, 12″ and 14″ Insulation R-40 Roof, R-21 Wall, R-33 Floor 5/8” OSB w/ seams sanded Floor Decking Typical Window & Door Headers are single 2″x6″ Lay Flat Headers (depend on size of window and roof load) 7/16″ OSB Underlayment w/House Wrap installed under Lap, vinyl, log siding only–Not installed under Smart Panel 7/16″ Facia Board 40 Gallon Electric Water Heater (50 gallon in Golden State) M/H Electric Furnace with return air vents in walls above bedroom doors Plumbing with auto vents and some vents through roof No Water Softener Plumbing Loop required Color Coded Pex Plumbing Line Drain water system complete No Pressure & Temperature Balanced faucets required on tub/showers 6″ or 8″ Heat Duct Boots 1-1/2″ Drain and P-traps 1″ x6″ Sub Facia Whole House Water Shutoff Valve included in laundry plumbing hook up box Cedar Canyon with non-FHA grade carpet, All Others with FHA grade carpet Smoke detectors in all bedrooms and in living areas.

Need Financing?

The Housing Mart works closely with the lender that you select which best serves your needs from your initial meeting through the closing on your loan. The lenders that The Housing Mart recommends specialize in Manufactured and Modular home loans. The lenders that are available research and keep current on all types of loans and loan sources to provide our customers with the very best loan terms and rates on the market. Below we have outlined the typical steps that take place for each customers loan process. After the customer has selected their home with the Housing Specialist and has selected their lender, the lender will review the customers credit application, finance requirements and documents needed. The lender educates the customer on types of loans available, rates and terms and also reviews their credit report with them and provides advice on how they can improve any items that may be in question or disputed. After the financing has been approved, The Housing Mart Sales Manager will order the home from the factory. When the home is built and ready to ship from the factory, the Sales Manager will oversee the set-up of the home, communicate with Housing Mart delivery personnel, the bank and the customer to ensure a smooth process and to minimize delays. The Housing Mart has been working with customers and lenders to find the best financing since 1984 and will be happy to use our experience to benefit you. If you have any questions, please contact us today.

Modular Homes - IRC CODE

Frame is Removed, Req. Full Footing/ Stem Wall Foundation 2″x10″ Floor Joists 16″ OC Spanning Foundation to Post & Beam or BCI Engineered I Beam System 50% Stronger & 33% Stiffer Double 2″x12″ Rim Joist Rails Around Each Floor Section Exterior walls have Double 2″x6″ Top Plate and 2″x6″ Bottom plate Interior walls with 2″x4″ studs 24″ OC with 2″x4″ Top & Bottom Plates Optional Interior walls with 2″x4″ studs 16″ OC with 2″x4″ Top and Bottom Plates 30# Roof Load (IRC Modular Rafter) Optional up to 150# Shingle Underlayment with 30# Felt Underlayment and Ice Shield (ice shield only when required in certain areas) Roof Pitches on all houses at Minimum 3:12 with 12″ eaves 4:12 and 5:12 Optional Insulation R-50 Roof, R-21 Wall and R-33 Floor Insulation 3/4″ T & G OSB Floor Decking w/ seams sanded Double Vertical 2″x4″ or 2”x6” Window & Door Headers (depend on size of window opening and roof load) 7/16″ OSB Underlayment w/House Wrap installed under ALL exterior sidings 5/4 Fascia Board or Optional Exterior Painted Solid Wood Trim 50 Gallon Residential Electric Water Heater Residential Electric Furnace Optional Trane Systems All plumbing vents through roof Optional Water Softener plumbing loop Color Coded Pex Plumbing Line Drain system plumbed through floor and finished on site Pressure & Temperature Balanced faucets on tub/showers 10″ Heat Duct Boots 2″ Drain and P-traps on tubs & showers 2″x4″ Sub Fascia Separate Whole House Water Shutoff valve box FHA Grade Carpet Smoke / Carbon Monoxide detectors inside each bedroom and outside each bedroom area and in living areas.

What They Say About Us

Following our decision to downsize and sell our home of 40 years, the staff at The Housing Mart were very pleasant and helpful in our search for a new home. Choosing the model, choices of exterior and interior, changes and options was a joint effort. Two years later we are still very happy in our new home.